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What makes us tick

Adorn for Hope

~ Adorn For Hope ~ is an organization dedicated to creating top quality treasures to decorate and beautify your life, while your support helps others to help abandoned children living on the streets of Manila. Sort of like a donation, only you get an item of your choice to remind you of the people you are helping!

The profits go to support, a Swiss non-profit missions-organization working with the urban poor, street kids, many of them abandoned, whom live in the streets of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. They are given the chance to finalize their basic education at school, possibly also an apprenticeship, which in turn increases their chances to get employment as they grow into adulthood. Helping teens to help themselves, giving them HOPE for a sustainable future.

Not only that, some of the products here at ~Adorn for Hope~ are made by women who belong to a cooperative called Kamay Krafts in Manila. This enables these women to earn extra income for their family, keeping their children in school in stead of 'scavenging' for recyclables on the dumpsites to try to earn a few cents here and there. If the children don't stay in school, the is little chance of an employment of any kind later in life.

The Philippines is close to our heart, as we have adopted children from this beautiful country. Consequently, we can see first hand how the life of those less fortunate really is, and we are passionate about what we do, to support those who want to make a difference for those born in less secure circumstances than ourselves.

Biel-Benken, CH

~ Images from the Philippines ~

Kamay Krafts Womens' Cooperative; First meeting with potential ladies to work on Adorn for Hope items

Kamay Krafts Womens' Cooperative; First meeting with potential ladies to work on Adorn for Hope items. It was a real joy to go and visit, and inspiring to meet these ladies.

More ladies joined at the second meeting, who also had added a crocheting-coach to help the newbies on their way of learning. They were busy practising on smaller items and doing a wonderful job.

These little ones strolling around their 'neighborhood', one of the many dumpsites of Metro Manila - Tondo. We support 2 organizations who give on-site schooling support (and so much more!) for as many as possible of these little ones to finish their basic education, in HOPE of later employment and possibilities to improve their future in life.

Your contribution and purchases go COMPLETELY into the support of helping the poorest of the poor help themselves, to improve their life and grow a HOPE for the future!